Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 day challenge, days 14 & 15

October 31 & November 1, 2012

Day 14: can be summed up with a sad face. Leftovers for lunch. Booooo. Seeing as it was halloween, we didn't really have time for a cooked meal so dinner was also leftovers. Double booooooo.

Day 15: My second grocery trip since starting this challenge. I needed a few cupboard items so I knew this trip wouldn't be as cheap as last week. Well, then I also got snagged into a few halloween clearance snacks. Darn those impulses. Keep in mind I have an average weekly total of $175. Today I spent $156.36. $35.69 of that was toiletries and cleaners. $15.46 was impulse buys (Sigh. Crap. I got sucked in with halloween pretzels being on clearance, a type of chip that I have been searching for since my parents visit in August was finally spotted today, and a few other things I just couldn't walk past). My food total was $95.05. Gossip mag's cuz I can't live without those were $10.16. I only saved $18.64 this week.

 I felt like such a failure after shopping. I hope that the stuff I got today helps out next week's trip. I was figuring out the numbers when I got home and was pretty depressed. Then I started looking into our restaurant habit. I added up our lunch dates and dinners out for the month prior to the challenge and our weekly average was $80. However, we have only spent $27.24 in the two weeks of the challenge! So that is a savings of $132.76. Ok, so I feel a little better. Even though I spent a little more at the store today, we are still saving by eating at home more often. Adding together the grocery savings ($281.26) and restaurant savings ($132.76) so far my total savings is $414.02!  Ok, now on to today's meals.

For lunch I bought a half of a rotisserie chicken. I chopped up some veggies and romaine lettuce that I had at home and I had a friend over for chicken salads. Dinner rolled around and I really didn't feel like cooking. My hubby asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. Ahhhh! Stay strong. Say no. I settled on using up the last of the shake n bake I had in the cupboard. Pork chops. If you have ever been to my house, you know I have a slight addiction to rice a roni. Ok, slight might not be the word. I figured we should use up one of my eleventy billion boxes. I steamed some cauliflower but wanted something to go on it. My hubby made a sauce out of some local white cheddar.

If you are taking the time to read these notes, and are enjoying them....please let me know. I could use some support right now!

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